Poetry In Pottery!

Poetry In Pottery Literally!

dream bowl

‘The dream’ jar

By Noelle VanHendrick and Eric Hendrick @ Zpots

Your precious dreams are for keeps!

After Diwali one could say Indian festival season is over but in my heart their is still festivity, some singing left! I want to sing this poems! These poems in ceramic are created by artists Noelle VanHendrick and Eric Hendrick.

projection-reflection ring

‘Projection…reflection…’ ring

I, me, you, we the tussle and relationship bindings!

zpots about Who are these artists? This is ↑ Noelle VanHendrick in her own words and to find out about Eric Hendrick and Zpots, go here.

Zpots uses sustainable resources in the production of its pottery.


‘Today’ platter

Yep! Today is the day! For everything!

vase bucket of love, peace, joy

‘Verse’ vessel                                             ‘Peace, love, joy’ bucket

Let everyone’s joy bucket and verse vessel always remain full like Akshayapatra Tathastu! Amen!

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