Clasp Fashionably!


Brooches By Patricia Yébenes @ Teodora

I hardly ever blog about things related to fashion or fashion accessories but this image was lying in my folder for quite some time now and while searching, every time I would stop and admire. So I had to share it now.

The beauty of these accessories is that I am thinking of other uses and I want these on my desk just like that.

Spanish designer Patricia Yébenes designs belts, necklaces, clutches, headgear etc. all handmade and some with using traditional methods.


Belts (material leather)

You can find brooches by Patricia Yébenes here too.

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  1. Hello,
    Thanks a lot for this post, I have seen today by chance.
    Now you have my web, and if you want some new pictures just ask me, please.

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