Olly And Flo

table with vase

Flo table

Designer: Kate Pashinova

Olly and Flo sounds like my old dear buddies. They are not but they are gonna become!

Olly and Flo are friendly, dual purpose or fold-able furniture pieces designed by Russian designer Kate Pashinova. The vase legged Flo table instantly creates cosy ambiance. The designer Kate Pashinova surely knows how to play with emotions.

flo table

Flo tables

foldable stool

Olly stool by Kate Pashinova

While Flo is emotional, Olly is smart. A smart design for small spaces, Olly stool is fold-able furniture. Olly can be hung on the wall too.



olly stool

Olly stool

Besides Olly and Flo you might get few more creations tugging at heart so better check all the Kate Pashinova’s designs here.

One thought on “Olly And Flo”

  1. I love the idea of flo table but where the vase made of? Is it made of a glass? Isn’t that dangerous? glass can easily break, one hard fall can break the glass. Thanks hope hearing from you. But they’re all lovely.

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