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Olly And Flo

table with vase

Flo table

Designer: Kate Pashinova

Olly and Flo sounds like my old dear buddies. They are not but they are gonna become!

Olly and Flo are friendly, dual purpose or fold-able furniture pieces designed by Russian designer Kate Pashinova. The vase legged Flo table instantly creates cosy ambiance. The designer Kate Pashinova surely knows how to play with emotions.

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15 Layers Of Rythm

falon seat

Falon seat

Designers: Malgosia Malinowska, Filip Ludka and Tomek Kempa @ Tabanda

This cube seat looks open and light but 15 layers of birch plywood makes it extra strong!

Each module/cube can be arranged to suit your rhythm divine!

Again a winner by these architects/designers from Poland Malgosia Malinowska, Filip Ludka and Tomek Kempa @ Tabanda.

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