Nzela Table By Kayiwa

Nzela table by KayiwaNzela table

Designer: Lincoln Kayiwa

Nzela is a sturdy modular table set made of birch plywood. It takes only 3 minutes to set up this no-tool setup table. You may seamlessly conjoin – in whichever direction – as many tables. This knockdown piece can be easily dismantled too. Use it for dining, as conference table, for a ping-pong match or just as a statement piece.

The designer Lincoln  Kayiwa is not new to DesignFlute but check all about him here.

Nzela table is inspired by the De Stijl movement and is homage to designer’s grandmother.

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3 Playful And Unique Storage


revolvo cabinet

Revolv’O cabinet

Designer: Alper Gunduz

This designer from Turkey has quite a few unique designs up his sleeves! If you want to get something; a cookie jar or a book you rotate the cover/door 360° of RevolvO cabinet and play and display things the way you want.


Q ball and G by Alper Gunduz

If you are thinking these are lamps or lighting designs, you need to scratch you head and continue reading to find what designer Alper Gunduz has in store for you!

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Grow And Shrink Cupboard

grow and sink cupboard

Growth and shrinkage cupboard

Designer: Harm Van Den Nieuwenhof @ Studio Harm Design

A piece of furniture that grows according to the needs and  space and shrink it back when not in demand! Or use the size you want! How flexible! And space saving too!

Young designer Harm van den Nieuwenhof’s cupboard grows from a tiny box into a full-fledged cupboard that is adjustable.

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