Of Peacocks And Chandeliers

peacock love

Peacock love – chandelier by Eva Menz Design

 Was peacock’s majestic beauty ever so lightly captured?

This is the story of how an illustration got transformed into an elegant chandelier. At Eva Menz design artist Shanu Walpita’s illustration is embroidered in white leather with silver thread. Few peacock feathers, glass tube and silver chain later an exquisite chandelier is born.

peacock love chandelier

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Let A Porcelain Flower Bloom

apple flowers porcelain

Porcelain flowers by Studio Klimenkoff

They are delicate, white beauties and mesmerizing. Painstakingly hand sculpted by highly trained artist at Studio Klimenkoff and available at Far4. Porcelain Studio Klimenkoff is a Moscow based studio specializing in producing one-of-a-kind hand crafted porcelain creations.

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Will You Wait 30 Years For A Coffee Table

30 year old coffee table

’30 years coffee table’

Designer: Ernesto Garcia

How much time you take to make a coffee table?

If your answer is  – a week or a month – it is wrong.

How old is your coffee table?

 And if you say something like – I bought it a year ago. Then again you are wrong.

Wait and think.

Think about time taken in a human process and time taken by a natural process!

Look at the tree rings used in this coffee table, count them and then answer.

You are right this coffee table is 30 years old! The tree was 30 years old!

The designer Ernesto Garcia raises these questions and wants to establish your lost connection to the nature via this ’30 years coffee table’.

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The Star Among Kitty

hello kitty -moss

Moss Kitty (Swarovski Hello Kitty collection)

Designer: Makoto azuma

Among all dazzling kitties this one tugged at my heart and I couldn’t stop posting it here. Designed by Japanese flower and plant artist Makoto Azuma this mouth less cat character is part of ‘Hello Kitty’ collection put up by Swarovski. Nine Japanese artist and celebrities have designed for this collection to be auctioned off in an event ‘House of hello kitty‘ to raise money for Japan’s disaster relief, on view at present (from 30 June to 10 July) In Tokyo’s Omotesando hills.

If you are already not familiar with Makoto Azuma’s wonderful experimental work go check here.

Image source: amkk blog