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Eva Zeisel-playful works

It seems that all these pieces are about to speak to me. I sat there mesmerized after downloading a lot of images of her work. Designer, ceramist grande old dame Eva Zeisel’s work needs no introduction or great words. They just speak for themselves.evazeisel1.gif

100 year old Eva Zeisel’s more than 75 years of extraordinary work is so alive that it just pushes us to sit up and think about our own life.


Her views on life “Everything is unexpectedly colorful. Life is a present. That is why one shouldn’t have scandals, one shouldn’t have ill humor, one shouldn’t be cranky–that is the moment that is life. One should respect it.


“All my work is mother-and-child.”- Eva Zeisel.



Her functional objects bend, stretch, reach. They recall birds, leaves, pregnant bodies, belly buttons and fruit with a pared-down elegance.



Everything I do is a direct creation of my hands, whether it is made in wood,  plaster or clay.”Eva Zeisel



Her exuberant designs (above-belly button room dividers) show her playfulness.



Just a little curve that is perfect and never a wrong curve, that is what her designs is all about.


She is called an industrial (machine age modern) designer and her creations show ‘friendliness’, ‘family relations’.

I keep wondering about her spirits and  I keep saluting this unstoppable lady’s works!

A few sites to see her work- (1) , (2) , (3) ,(4)

Images courtesy (& via) Evazeiselorangechicken,  SignonSanDiego, Nambe, Mindspring