simply rosy cute

Need I say these creations are simply beautiful!







The Sweden based artist Karin Eriksson mainly works with porcelain, stoneware and terracotta earthenware. signe-beaker-coffee-pattern.jpg


These two signe coffee beaker and one horned cup are great fun.

Karin also has a blog  called karin’s style blog. Some everyday by the roadside photos from her blog are great.


This ‘wild strawberries’ is one of them.

2 thoughts on “simply rosy cute”

  1. Normally Im not someone who likes too much flora & fauna in art- but even her roses are sexy! I really liked the 4th pic from top – Im also a diehard Typography fan- so give me the ‘After dinner Roast’ cup anyday! Lovely work.

  2. Wow, her work is cool. At first I thought, “Garage sale junk?” But then, I really looked at the work and thought, “Awesome – must buy for gifts immediately.” Where do we go to do this? I adore the wall sculpture.

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