My Nook

It is the place where I put my design ideas. If you want to know me and my designs do click on the category- my nook or here .

Edit: Henceforth (01/05/2010) My Nook will appear in Ideas!

9 thoughts on “My Nook”

  1. hi im from vietnam,im want to buy handme from coconut shell….turtle,dolphin,handbag,magnet ….

  2. Hi all,

    really like the blog there’s loads of cool ideas down here. I’m an architect myself and partner of the Yechte Group, a business synergy focused on achieving development projects in India.

    I need more gathering point like this one, any interesting sites or blogs are welcomed.


  3. Hey Roma,
    It is great to know your insight in design. I am a designer myself from San Francisco. I think you have the right mindset that is required for good design. Good going.

  4. Great blog. Still going through it to get into details of your design and ideas. All the very best to you and happy designing.

    -Sameer Lal

    Sameer Bhai,

    thank you ji!

  5. very good blog

    Hi Murli,
    So a very warm welcome! at last u r here! Thanks a ton for visiting me and for appreciation!!

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