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k-note it

 sculpture – notice board (material soft foam)

Designer: Mikael Nilsson @ Innersmile

Just note that a simple everyday thing like notice board can be simply so arty!

Sculpt it- knot it to take a notice board to a totally new level. You can buy several pieces in different colours or in three parts and tie them together to make your own creation! Material used is soft foam.

Designer Mikael Nilsson has made few very innovative products with soft foam; even shelves! (See here)

kringle-kari – notice board (material -soft foam)

Kringel-Kari is another innovative notice board. An enjoyable way to remember a variety of things on a hectic day. Well I certainly would like to pull it like plaits every time I put a note on it!

memory and ties


shopping bag

Designer: Mårten Lindquist @ Plenty Design

For some stiff upper neck freedom!

Wear your formality on your bag!

Tie-recycling! A shopping-bag by Plenty in collaboration with Beyond Retro Stockholm.


shower curtain

For those who are excellent bathroom singers but have problems with memory!

The one who can’t remember even one full song!

“Singing in the Rain” shower curtain. (Though I think it is a bit romantic…)



Again something for forgetfulness and mostly for paranoia!

The doormat ‘Reminder’ says:


The second one says: IRON, STOVE, WINDOW.

Put inside the door and don’t forget to look down. Or better put on the door itself!

(Don’t you worry- you are not alone -happens with all of us many a times!)



And at last if you are the cheating kind and the kind who feels guilty too!

This wallpaper ‘Glance’ is for you.

Watching eyes to make you constantly nervous!

For more of this Stockholm based designer Mårten Lindquist’s simple, fun creations go here.

bend it like…

Bend it like Beckham…. Opppps….. or bend it like as you wish, as you want, as you create!


Designers: Christine Nogtev and Chul Cheong @ roomsafari

I can’t resist telling about the story of my nephew first.

When he was very young he used to put any 3-4 things in sight together (hanky, phone, box, pin, thread, anything) and arrange in certain way and used to shout with glee -Hey! See I made a rocket, oven, a space ship, a telescope or a television!

Moral of the story: You don’t need too many and fancy things to create something – only a clever mind, openness and simplicity!


Take aluminium, be it brushed, piped or soft; doesn’t matter and bend and shape it. Lo and behold! Things are created to make life easy for you.

The beauty lies in designer‘s simplicity; in designer’s concern for your needs and being yogi (the one who doesn’t need much)!

So sir and ma’m here is aluminium and suction pads for many uses and few other things!


roomsafari01.gif roomsafari.gif


Multistation flexible holder’s bendable arms will take care of your favourite things.


No, don’t click the page away before you guess what it is!

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