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lotus pond & ebola


Lotus pond

Designer : Dipen Desai

Lotus Pond is a very unusal name for shoes with heels! Isn’t it?

It is always a delight to discover a young Indian designer’s work – varied, full of talent, sometimes teasing, sometimes posing new questions.

Lifestyle Trends research & Accessory Designer Dipen Desai likes to traverse the boundaries of art & design.



Now this is ebola, no, not the virus but a brilliant necklace-design.


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graphic mirror



Designer : Sylvain Willenz @ Sylvain Willenz Design Studio

Brussels based young designer Sylvain Willenz‘s ‘slide’ mirror is simply a graphical creation. Simple graphic drawings here play with ideas of reflection, perception, depth and introspection.


The black border clearly refers to simple fat graffiti drop-shadows and elementary 3D effects; only here this feature is applied with extreme simplicity into a clean shiny black and silver piece of glass for use inside the house.

(photo credit : Julien De Wilde)

magnet me!


magnet tack

Designer Hironao Tsuboi @ 100%

This simple object I am portraying today seems as if I have designed this!!! No I am not joking; I am merely saying that this magnet tack is so close to heart that it feels like my design! And if you have read my ‘about my blog’ page you know I have used magnets in everyday life.

So I am very happy to present this simple, extremely useful product from 100%.



magnet tack

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seat on window sill


Fabian Baumann, Sönke Hoof and Andrea Wald @ Formfjord

Either it is fun or utterly functional. A few everyday things are thought differently or made to work extra mile for you. These are few simple and brilliant designs from Berlin based Formfjord  Team.

The above image is a vase- blumenbett

Why flowers always have to stand -the designers ask.

A vase for flowers to lie made of coated and veneer shell and oiled oak. The flowers emerge from the concave and convex surface opening.




The rope binds very tightly this table’s legs, frame and table top. Just loosen the rope and you can remove the tabletop and can change its look by replacing it with textile or paper.


light brick

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