seat on window sill


Fabian Baumann, Sönke Hoof and Andrea Wald @ Formfjord

Either it is fun or utterly functional. A few everyday things are thought differently or made to work extra mile for you. These are few simple and brilliant designs from Berlin based Formfjord  Team.

The above image is a vase- blumenbett

Why flowers always have to stand -the designers ask.

A vase for flowers to lie made of coated and veneer shell and oiled oak. The flowers emerge from the concave and convex surface opening.




The rope binds very tightly this table’s legs, frame and table top. Just loosen the rope and you can remove the tabletop and can change its look by replacing it with textile or paper.


light brick

A lamp and a brick together give light and heat. When light is turned off the brick stays warm for up to one hour. The brick is cut using watercutting technique.




Don’t have balcony and still want to enjoy the view with your cuppa. Don’t worry. Take this Simms seat, an extension to window sill and sit and enjoy. The slim Simms seat does not interfere with opening and closing of window. It comes with height adjustable hinges.



Don’t screw your eye brows; it is not a door knob. This doorknob look alike has been assigned the job of a light switch, no not to fool you but to inspire, tease and to evoke a smile.




A functional salad server – works with two top grips to open and shut the gripper. And you know in its flat state it can fit into a regular envelope.

If you want to go off the beaten track in your career wearing curved skies you must see Formfjord’s installation laufbahn here.

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