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get inside

Ulrike Acker and Malte Nisch @ bOmb design

These young designers of  bOmb design based in Berlin are doing the rethinking and coming up with new and obvious interpretations of everyday objects.

Why didn’t I think this before- I am sure we all are going to ask this question while looking at this clever get inside blanket. Your cold feet can immediately slip into the warmth of a pocket on the inside of the blanket. Left hand has a glove of its own and the right hand can come out through this hole to hold whatever you want to hold and slip right back inside No freezing, no chattering and no uncomfortable body blanket maneuvering.


Why cushions have to be of particular shapes only? Ergonomically shaped cushions which flow with body shape and answer a particular need is what the designers have produced in these get down cushions. It is a collection giving you all cozy solutions.

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get inside blanket

getinside blanket for kids.gif

get inside kids


get down


get down collection

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