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This bag bibi has captured Indian grandeur and royalty onto bags. A riot of Indian colours and sensibilities are portrayed with the use of mediums like wood carving, marble inlay, brass, copper and silver engravings, the use of ‘kinkhabs’, ‘jadau’, ‘kundan’, semi-precious stones with extremely rich embroidery.

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Meera Mahadevia is a Mumbai based accessory designer. Qualified as textile designer, Meera in her handcrafted bags uses exquisite texture like silk, jamewar, zari borders, organza, velvet inter woven with multiple layers. Her accessory line also makes shoes and belts and more recently sarees.

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Her ornate bags have come to be considered as heirloom pieces and were displayed at Asian Civilization Museum Gallery, Singapore and at the Newark Museum Gallery , USA as pieces of creative art.

On October 3, as a part of The India Celebration Week (incredible India @60), a preview of Meera’s accessories and garments will be hosted by the Newark museum and displayed in the Museum Rotunda and the Education Shop in New York for exclusive shopping. She will be felicitated by the Newark Museum in New York for her 21 years of hard work and creativity.


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