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green bin

What is your inspiration? A chewing gum, a bicycle chain or just plain sugar.

London based designer Anna Bullus not only takes inspiration from these everyday things but also uses them as mediums!

She invents and crafts new products from these materials, products which are fun, clever and environment friendly!


                                    bubble gum bin

Anna Bullus has invented a new material from used chewing gum and bio resin for making a bubble gum bin called Gumnetic. This bin collects raw material in the form of discarded chewing gum which is then used to make more bins!

bubble-gumbin.gif  anna-bullusdesigncom.gif

                                    bubble gum bin

Keep reading to see her sugar inspired cup and bicycle chain inspired furniture…

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art of ?!?!?!

This is a game. If you guess it right then you will be awarded with a stunningly beautiful prize from me.


                                    exploision by John Crowley

Guess  what this beautuful box is made of.


                                          chair by Rodrigo Lima

Could you guess the material of the chair.


                                         sitting by Bernie Estep

Guess right and take this beauty home.


                                   bird-house by Kate Heckman

This bird-house is all yours if you guess correcrtly.


keeping tabs by Patsy Davila

Keep guessing & win this beautiful necklace

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power clay

orissa-roof-tile.gifSeemingly there is no correlation among these images and objects. But there is a very strong relation. The power of clay speaks here through its varied magical properties.                                                ?? terracotta roof tile

The cute bird roof tiles are functional as well as decorative. These tiles are mainly used in State of Orissa and Madhya Pradesh along with simple ones. In fact these tiles are now sold as artifacts. These black and red clay tube shape tiles are partially hand made and partially wheel thrown and baked. These tiles give thermal insulation and reduce outside sound. A tiled roof has a sound reduction potential of 30 decibels.


                                     paper ceramic loudspeakers

designer Yong Jieyu

ceramic-speakers1.gif paper-ceramic-loudspeakers.gif

 ceramic speakers              paper-waste

Ceramic, having one of the lowest sound absorbent co efficiency is one of the best materials for sound amplification.  Here clay is used with discarded musical scores to produce thin paper ceramic loudspeakers. Designer Yong Jieyu also scores destiny and contextual meaning of his products.


ecocarat ceramic wall

Inax from Japan has developed this ceramic wall which they say breaths. It is made of a completely natural ceramic material that utilizes tiny holes to absorb excess humidity in the room and release it when the air becomes dry. The wall is called ‘ecocarat’ and it reduces unpleasant smells and harmful airborne toxins too.

What you say clay surroundings!