green bin

What is your inspiration? A chewing gum, a bicycle chain or just plain sugar.

London based designer Anna Bullus not only takes inspiration from these everyday things but also uses them as mediums!

She invents and crafts new products from these materials, products which are fun, clever and environment friendly!


                                    bubble gum bin

Anna Bullus has invented a new material from used chewing gum and bio resin for making a bubble gum bin called Gumnetic. This bin collects raw material in the form of discarded chewing gum which is then used to make more bins!

bubble-gumbin.gif  anna-bullusdesigncom.gif

                                    bubble gum bin

Keep reading to see her sugar inspired cup and bicycle chain inspired furniture…

Caterpillar is a furniture piece made by using bicycle chain. Simple yet unique mechanism enables the furniture to be put in 14 different positions.

caterpillar-anna-bullus.gif caterpiallaranna.gif


This sugarlicious cup ‘one cup or two’ is made, yes from sugar! It comes in different flavours from plain to almond to Iris whisky. Instead of adding the sugar to your tea or coffee, you add the tea sugar cup. A cup can be used four times.


                                     one cup or two

Edit: Anna’s furniture pieces are going to be available at Design Museum London shop  from 29th October onwards.

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