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dreams and fears of 2008


the path

                  What holds for me and you in the year 2008!

Will the road be winding, too long and dark? Will I not be able to see and gauze what is in store for me?


                Designer Lovorika Banovic:herbladder @ Menu

Or the green and bright ladder of success is already been laid!


I love my job ( sent to me by a coleague via e-mail)

                     Will there be a continuous viscious circle?


a video snap captured from a French film

           Or I will be leaping with joy and energy at every step!


                                  Will time be confusing?


Design : Rnd_Lab via Scifi

                               Or it will just fly away and away!


Craftisan Rupandeben @ Craftsbridge

                  Will I have enough time to stroll and swing?


(image via one of exotic hotels of India, sorry could not trace which one)

                           Will the swing be colourful too?


                                   Designer Johannes Gille

                Will I be able to walk properly without slipping?


terracotta pen stand @ craftbridge

                Or I will just stand still and see the life walk by!


cane elephant and cane frog basket @ Sasha

                         Or the dreams will arrive basketful!


cane duck and owl basket @ Sasha

                                     And the inspirations too!


palazzo bag by Fendi @ eluxury

                              And a bag full of opportunities too!


                         image courtesy yuanzhou via flickr

Or the desires will be crushed under a feathery looking stone!


equation @ Estudio Breder

                                  Will I get my equations right?


Torafu architects

            Will I be able to arrange everything in its proper slots?


(will find out the source of this image soon)

 Will I be able to discover and connect to my innermost roots!


via house of pictures

  Or the life will bring in every postive thing in grand measures!


Or in small amount!


‘being led’ water colour collage (wish somebody can point out to me who the artist is)

Whatever it will be! I know I will be happy, happy in my struggles, happy banging my head in getting things done, happy with small amounts!

 Because that is my nature, or so the people says! Happy donning a laughing hat for I am not a joker but a happy joker!


fragrance by B Singh

Fot it is in my nature to dream of lovely flowers dangling from sky even when I am most depressed!


(This rug is so beautiful I refuse to walk on it, want to have on my wall.  Sorry again that I have lost the source. Please let me know if you know.)

And in darkness too I think of only millions of stars!

I do not fear to dream!

This is me. Do let me know your story too!