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do I know these lanes


courtesy Kiki van Eijk

I have never seen so many colours in a city architecture ever before.

Have you?


courtesy Michael R. Swigart

May be you know a lot about San Cristobal de las Casas, a city in Mexico.

I did not know until a few days ago.


courtesy Alma Roma

Ever since I saw images of this colourfully rich city, I feel haunted. Yeh haunted!

I ask myself again and again – do I know these lanes?


courtesy esterpics

India is full of colours too. But no I haven’t seen these palettes.

Yellows, blues, red, greens, violets in every merry hue. All the contrasts, new combinations you can check in San Cristobal.


courtesy TommytheA

If you see any colour or shade missing do write to me, I will post them for you.


Though I am an Indian colours do not easily attract me but I do not mind these colours. In fact San Cristobal colours are mind boggling for me!


Do check all the links (all credits for these colourful photos go to them), they have many more wonderful photos. (as if my post is not exhaustive enough!)

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