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Life Easy

Products: making Everyday Life easy

water bucketCompressed water bucket by Se Xin

I was wondering if I had all these products, my life would had been easy and lot of fun!  There are these little products, these little re-designs, these small but extremely useful inventions and in fact these great concepts which can make anyone’s everyday life comfortable. These concepts have won Red Dot Concept award 2009.

When I saw this compress-able water bucket I was very excited for two reasons: first it solves problem of urban dwellers like me who has to store water in summer many a times. Second I had thought of a design similar but with material like rubber and squarish.

I envision use of this fold-able water bucket a little differently than the designer Se-xin and I want it bigger too.

Compressed Water Bucket is a large water barrel that can be gently compressed for smarter storage. It can lead to more efficient transportation too. It can save human labour as well as resources. It is made with environmentally friendly materials.

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