red is hot and blue is blue

I love this amazing site The Guild ,  the place you can buy home decor products made by artists. I think the artists make everything brilliant. Only if they make it little affordable too. I enjoyed and love these red & blue elegance in glass.

ps do not forget to go through guild sourcebooks.


Convergence by Victor Chiarizia

my wished convergence: with all those ants, flies and cockroaches who live in and invade my kitchen everyday.


Cobalt Neo Geo Sphere by Eric Bladholm

my neo geo sphere: spinning hope inside.


Sunburst Flutter Bowl by Chris Mosey

my sunburst: bowl of kiddy laughter.


Rose bowl by Mark Rosenbaum.

my bowl: 3d effect on a wall full of black+white roses, red+white roses, blue+white roses.


UR Here by Kathleen Ash

me: where was I uptil now.


Wave Cylinder by Jamie Harris

no, thanks I don’t drink milk; it is red signal for my stomach, it makes wave if I drink it.


Curly Pitchers by Cal Breed

my curly sign says I am always thirsty for more of everything.


Amber Leaf vase by Michael Kohn and Molly Stone

my leaf motto: lines of a Gujarati poem:

peepal pan kharta, hansati kumpalia,

muj viti tuj vitashe, dhiri bapuliya. (bad translation available here: when old leaves of peepul tree fall down, buds laugh. Old leaf says slowly kid, I am through it,your turn will come).


Flattened Vortex vase by Michael Trimpol

falling flat on my face is my vortex habit.


Salt and Pepper by Skip Horton

and then after falling salt & pepper and my spice rack shake me up.


Ume Globe Vase By Richard  S Jones

best bunch of flowers seen so far: at the age of 69, my mother picked up on her way up to see ice cave in Salzburg, Austria.


Tall Birch Vase White Trees by Bernard Katz.

wonder about tress 500 years old, about amazing stories and secrets they held.


End Grain Tray by Richard Parrish

Really want to send a grain train to all those little kids whose photos WHO send around.


Italian Line Boat Bowl by kathleen Ash

party never ends but take a boat and go home folks.


Axis vase by Harry Stuart

life is red and blue both, beautiful! bye.

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  1. I love the curly pitcher. I am currently in high school and that is a great idea for students in AP art (which I am in).

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