random rubble


Architects: @ The Centre for Vernacular Architecture


My husband dreams of a mud and brick geometrical home in a far-away village by the pond. I think I am in his dreamland.



These brick , mud, random rubble and laterite stone oppulant spaces are created by The Centre for Vernacular Architecture. The centre is a non-profit organisation and a co-operative of building crafts persons.



The centre creates spaces that are cost effective, ecologically sensible and culturally relevant.



Go on to amazing journey of each space which offers surprises like water-body co-existence, wall mural, spaces created in brick walls for light, blue oxide bathroom, water tap and attangudi cement tiles.

vernarchcom.jpg cieds.gif vernarch-attangudi.jpg

13 thoughts on “random rubble”

  1. Many people are interested in owning such beautiful homes especially for their weekend homes in their farmlands away from Bangalore city, but none of these architects entertain requests to build homes which are less than 2000 sqft. area. More architects who are ready to take up projects of 1250-1500 sqft will see many people opting for vernacular forms for their dream homes.

  2. Very nice Inspiration for people to know the different views of architecture, which includes more than brick and concrete…

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