a modern villa. la! la!

This modernistic villa in Marseilles is adorned to explore the extreme simplicity with net and modern furniture.


The living room has tinted concrete floor, white silk curtains and a Gae Aulenti lamp. The rest is a play of light and net.


Architect Rudy Ricciotti is based in Bandol, France. This award winning architect’s work speaks radical and experimental language.


The net here speaks the radical language of shade and graffiti.


A camouflage of net on a steel rod surrounds the swimming pool.


The kitchen wall embraces work of Buraglio, transparent hood is from Driade and multifunctional piece of furniture is by Piero Lissoni.


The sun, sea and the scenic view come to visit this room everyday to decorate it because the room is done with splendid modesty.

via marie claire maison

5 thoughts on “a modern villa. la! la!”

  1. Sm YUSUF, even the old artless were considered ultra modern once, and personally I think its crzy to build old things for sake of reluctance to let past go. I think each building has a purpose and also has an environment it’s being built in, and I believe respect for environment and natural beauty needs to be considered… And both modern and old can be appropriate for this end

  2. evoluted from the old masters’ work.we must not forget the old designs,concepts in craze to see us modernized and jumping ahead without preserving them in work. use old styles and keep in touch and giving them equal chance in our projects with new(can be timely and not timeless like old designs) every now and then.

  3. A very beautiful abode. makes one wish, we could ever own such a place.

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