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Artist Kirti Khatri @ Lemon Grasshopper Gallery

Indian artist Kirti Khatri is one of the very few people in India who practices the art of paper cutting. He works around religious themes as well as various floral designs.


Paper cutting is a craft most of us must have indulged into at some time in our school life. May be in just small measure.It is simple yet vey exciting art and craft. The art of paper cutting originated in China. See the history here and here.


There are two methods: scissor cutting and knife cutting. In scissor cuttings several sheets of paper, up to seven, are layered together. The motif is then cut with sharp, pointed scissors. Knife cuttings are fashioned by putting several layers of paper on a relatively soft foundation.


This craft has developed in different countries with its distinctive flavour. See how here.


See the modern paper cutting and traditional Chinese paper cutting and how  it is done here.






via Lemon Grasshoper Gallery

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