spams – you are such a bad design!

I did not plan this post today. In fact I have a lovely post about a stunning architecture slotted for evening publishing. And six drafts posts about good design.

But as my Akismet (anti-spam software) says :-

It‘s your lucky day. 🙂

(most wordpress bloggers would know this.)


I also say IT IS MY LUCKY DAY! 🙂

First if anybody is having competition of  bloggers who have got largest amount of spam comments than count me in.

Not just count me in consider me the winner.

Hurrah! I have got 5,000+ spam comments since my inception in last week of June last year!


Once I added a beautiful word like love to one of the post about an Indian festival and that attracted a large number of spammers. I made changes and added the word bond to it instead of love. And ultimately I had to close the comments section on that post!

I love my Akismet software!

I hate my Akismet software! ( For that matter every anti-software too.)

Love it because it stops all spam comments in spam box! And ultimately deletes it!

Hate it because I have to do a quick scanning of my spam comments everyday twice as sometimes it gobbles up pingbacks and blogger friends’ comments. And every time I shudder doing this though it is quick! This is still ok.

I hate it more because spammers are unnecessary and so the anti-softwares too!

I wonder what spammers achieve! Their march is almost always stopped midway and they meet their fate in delete box! They do achieve a little bit of my irritation and my screwed eyebrows!

Sorry to sound such a cynic but don’t spammers keep alive all the employment arising from making new anti-spam etc. softwares!

Spams and anti-spam softwares both are fabulous examples of bad designs!!

A design which comes not from a need but from a created problem, I consider bad design!

And today is my spam email LUCKY day too!

Phishers? have taken advantage of one of the Indian social network site and a large numbers of bloggers have been affected and I think, not knowing the source: they are SHOUTING AT EACH OTHER.

I made this mistake!??


I confirmed the email!

Did You?


I have been thanked for the blog visit – I have never made!


And the bombardments of “shouting’ mails!

(Have blurred or white-washed the email ids so that spammer couldn’t take more advantage.)

(please do not consider this post against Akismet- I do not know the name of any other anti-spam software. It has just been used for example purpose.)

And some day we will have to talk about BAD DESIGN! Why not today!

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