the pink chi


cool pink

Designer: Michael Morten Neumayr

The perfect, freshest, classiest pink interiors I have ever seen and fallen in love with!

I had almost concluded that even the right pink does not look good on walls or in interiors! These interiors by Nuemayr have changed my conclusions!


Cool Pink is design of a hallway.

At the base of this invitingly fresh hallway is a lush lighting concept. A soffit runs along the hallway to cast magenta coloured lights on adjacent walls. The floating sideboard is crafted out of Palisander wood and illuminated glass seems to hover in front of wall. This effect is enhanced by a spray of scarlet light projected from its backside onto the wall.  Access to the dressing room is through glass door illuminated in a soft tone of cool blue. The light channels alongside the hallway project a streak of white light against the ceiling, resulting in the illusion of added height.

(Photo credit: Susanne Hesping)


hans sakhs

Hans Sakhs is a kitchen remodel project.

The stove faces dining area providing opportunity for open communication!


Neumayr’s designs speak of Austrian – Danish cultural background, American education and Asian philosophy and/or Feng Shui.


“I don’t want to limit myself,” that’s what Michael Neumayr says when it comes to designing. Neumayr’s approach to design is holistic.

I may or may not subscribe to Feng Shui but I sure am overwhelmed by the chi flowing from these interiors.

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  1. Beautiful cool pink hallway but I can not imagine living in this room for many days.

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