A Shell At The Beach!

A Shell at The Beach To live In

shell house

Shell house

Architect-Designers: Sergey Makhno and Vasiliy Butenko @ Mahno

Near the sea lies a giant shell, big still unobtrusive and beautiful! Look closer and you will find this sculpturesque beauty is a country house in Ukraine designed by Sergey Makhno and Vasiliy Butenko @ Mahno.

If I have to describe this Ukrainian firm Mahno’s work then I would say big, bold, beautiful, eclectic and based on concepts. Each item and details of interior and architecture so perfectly moulded together that the concept comes alive or takes a new form altogether.

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Clasp Fashionably!


Brooches By Patricia Yébenes @ Teodora

I hardly ever blog about things related to fashion or fashion accessories but this image was lying in my folder for quite some time now and while searching, every time I would stop and admire. So I had to share it now.

The beauty of these accessories is that I am thinking of other uses and I want these on my desk just like that.

Spanish designer Patricia Yébenes designs belts, necklaces, clutches, headgear etc. all handmade and some with using traditional methods.

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Poetry In Pottery!

Poetry In Pottery Literally!

dream bowl

‘The dream’ jar

By Noelle VanHendrick and Eric Hendrick @ Zpots

Your precious dreams are for keeps!

After Diwali one could say Indian festival season is over but in my heart their is still festivity, some singing left! I want to sing this poems! These poems in ceramic are created by artists Noelle VanHendrick and Eric Hendrick.

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Happy Diwali!

floor lighting

Sanjhi Luminaries: low level floor lamp

Designer: Ankur Khare

Don’t you think floating flowers and diyas have come alive in a brand new avatar! This low level floor lamp by artist-designer Ankur Khare is brilliant on many counts. It incorporates traditional look, international style and traditional craft called Sanjhi craft.

The Sanjhi craft of Mathura is a ritualistic craft used in the worship of Lord Krishna. This craft involves cutting paper stencils to make Rangoli patterns on walls and floors and themes and motifs depicting the life of Lord Krishna.

(I promise a detailed post on Sanjhi craft very soon.)

So what better way to celebrate Diwali than with a design which encompasses Rangoli, diyas/lights and flowers and an ancient craft!

Happy Diwali!