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blue heaven


Designer Paola Navone ‘s  Milan Apartment

I was sleeping, sleeping and sleeping last few days and have just woken up dreaming about this blue heaven!

Sleeping was strange enough but that is another story, another post.

As of now let us get into this blue heaven of Italian designer Paola Navone in Milan.

Above image : Specially made in Morocco these blue zellige (enameled tiles) decorates her home as she wanted her apartment to feel like a seaside place.


In Paola’s lounge two white lamps designed by her vie for attention along with a strange fish and Moroccan trays.


The simple dining room boasts of an immense marble table top and American bar stool type seating.

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(images via old interieurs)

yoga loft


David G. Blanco and William Jurberg @ Billy Blanco Designs

The cleanliness of every corner speaks loudly that it is modern minimalism at its best.


Spaces expand and contract through the use of semi transparent and transparent materials like glass and fabric that allow light to flow naturally and facilitate ventilation.


The white, oversized mirrors and vaulted ceilings are in profusion.



But the balance, illumination and austerity it reflects may be reasons why it is called Yoga loft!




And now you see why indeed it is called yoga loft! (Thank you David for this image.)

rain in light

delpin-04.gif delpin-19.gif

casa Delphin

FUSTER + Partners architects

Oh my! what  these architects are doing! That was my first expression after seeing their work and still that spell bounding effect has not changed at all.

Playing with light, manipulating light, exploring vertical dimension of light that’s what this Puerto Rico based architectural firm FUSTER + Partners do to the hilt. They are opening up spaces from their dark, hot, lonely environs blending interior to exterior so beautifully that you are mesmerized. To top all this they do not forget sustainable aspects and environmentally responsible design.

delpin-28.jpg delpin-23.jpg

casa Delphin


casa Delphin

The principal architects of this firm are Nataniel Fúster and George Stewart. Their architecture is modern and they say that modern architecture, in its most radical expression, is authentically tropical.








casa Delphin

 sham-house-fuster-partner.gif delpin-26.jpg

                       Sham House                               casa Delphin


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tour a Swedish home

First you take the tour and then only I will let you know about the interior designer and owner of this home!


do you want to sit by the logs, on the floor…


or by the books, on the stairs…


taking in baked aroma or…


or dancing around blue column…



no, I won’t ask you to occupy this ?for long but I know you will…


Absolutely clean lines, just enough colours and a few objects of interest which makes this house alive with pristine buzz. Verdict is clear the owner of this home has a clarity, simplicity and elegance which sink in.

Purple of Purple Area is into interior designing besides her regular job and a blog!

(So, many of you know now!)

Recently when I stumbled upon her beautiful bilingual blog, I immediately started exploring. Her home just hooked me in.

And if you think she can’t revel in colours, geometry and flowers; here are a few more glimpses of her understated creativity…..

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$ 100 bill – rug

A focus on cause and effect, innate curiosity, and lightheartedness – are what Pons calls the universal elements of design.

“You don’t have a specialization, so you can do anything.” This is Luis Guillermo Pons Mendoza, Miami based Venezuelan architect, designer for you. And he does everything with his very active imagination.

He is most hyped for his inflatable designs.

But for me Luis Pons’ modern interiors have the kind of details and simple complexity that makes him one of my favourites. The way he uses new materials is inspiration and he creates colours with play of light. A glimpse of his voids, touches, art and mischief ….







And the story of his career is interesting too.

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a modern villa. la! la!

This modernistic villa in Marseilles is adorned to explore the extreme simplicity with net and modern furniture.


The living room has tinted concrete floor, white silk curtains and a Gae Aulenti lamp. The rest is a play of light and net.


Architect Rudy Ricciotti is based in Bandol, France. This award winning architect’s work speaks radical and experimental language.


The net here speaks the radical language of shade and graffiti.


A camouflage of net on a steel rod surrounds the swimming pool.


The kitchen wall embraces work of Buraglio, transparent hood is from Driade and multifunctional piece of furniture is by Piero Lissoni.


The sun, sea and the scenic view come to visit this room everyday to decorate it because the room is done with splendid modesty.

via marie claire maison