tour a Swedish home

First you take the tour and then only I will let you know about the interior designer and owner of this home!


do you want to sit by the logs, on the floor…


or by the books, on the stairs…


taking in baked aroma or…


or dancing around blue column…



no, I won’t ask you to occupy this ?for long but I know you will…


Absolutely clean lines, just enough colours and a few objects of interest which makes this house alive with pristine buzz. Verdict is clear the owner of this home has a clarity, simplicity and elegance which sink in.

Purple of Purple Area is into interior designing besides her regular job and a blog!

(So, many of you know now!)

Recently when I stumbled upon her beautiful bilingual blog, I immediately started exploring. Her home just hooked me in.

And if you think she can’t revel in colours, geometry and flowers; here are a few more glimpses of her understated creativity…..

To feel vibrancy of freshness visit her website and her blog.


                                              this is an office!


 I love this (don’t know when I started loving bold colours!)


were the Swedes always impeccably modern!


5 thoughts on “tour a Swedish home”

  1. Clean lines indeed! I loved that deck! also that office she designed with flower graphics on it. sexy work!

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