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fall between the pages


                            raking aside leaves

                                 on the background pond

                                              I release the moon.

                                                      – A haiku by H. F. Noyes


Dry leaves between the pages started with my botany student sister years ago. This is one project which is ever going. I did it too and now my daughters have a few thick notebooks full of dry leaves and flowers.

This is what my elder daughter did for her school project – a wall hanging.

The creepers are of dried tomato plants. Orchids and bougainvillea flowers are kept as it is. The body of butterfly is made of rose leaves. The feathery wild growth (?) (on the right side) and wings of butterfly are coloured.

The wings of butterfly with their antennas are absolutely untouched-see the nature’s perfect cuts!

I can’t recognize these leaves (I mean the wings of butterfly ones). Anybody know? May be Robyn of garden rooms will be able to tell us.


                          This photo by Daxiang Stef – via Flickr.

make it or break it

And somewhere there are engineers

Helping others fly faster than sound.

But, where are the engineers

Helping those who must live on the ground?”

                   –Young Oxfam Poster on this site.



magicfan.gifHe has an engineering degree from best institution in India and still we can say he is a teacher. He is a toy teacher who teaches children how to make simple toys from inexpensive materials which hold a little science secret. Children are not bothered with any heavy explanation, they just have fun! He says learning by experience sticks in the memory.

Arvind Gupta has conducted workshops for children in more than 1,500 schools across India. He has taken his toy-tours to quite a few countries.

 He has written several books on science for children and translated several more. At present he has been working at the Children’s Science Centre, Pune.


                                     mgaical pencil holder

pam04.gif cokeaeroplane022.gif

               dancer                         can aeroplane

floating081.gif balloonpump085.gif

          ball in the air                            balloon pump

His site is a treasure house of toys-DIY (+200) , digitized books and few films.

Do not miss this site –:all of you who have school-going young children!

design-ancient scripts

               (In Brahmi script I have tried to write read me)

                                          read me ?

                         Harappan script (ca. 2600-1900 BC)

                          Magical Stela, 360-343 B.C.E, Egypt

I can’t read these!

Can you?

But I think I read these scripts.

I read: —

That our ancestors wrote too beautifully! Do you agree?

That curious caterpillar in me gets so aroused I go green.

(Please donot correct my words I want to describe this way only.)

That mystery of not knowing what is written arouses what I call lovely fear in me.

That my fascination drives me to use these scripts/images in various DIY ways:–

? All the time I use these kinds of images as my desktop background.

                                          my desktop

?Years ago I had copied these scripts in clay and put on wall as a decor piece.

                                     in this shape now

?I want to do walls of narrow passageway in my new home with these scripts translated in clay including the lippankam method of Kutch, Gujarat.

(Lippankam is a dying art & craft I just love so much. Simple motifs are made with clay and small mirrors on the walls. Will do a post on lippankam later though I am terribly short of images.)


                                          Stela, Egypt


                           Indus script (ca. 3000-1200 BC)


                         Brahmi script- ca. 3rd century BC

                                      (click to enlarge) 

if nature opens a design house

If nature starts manufacturing products what kind of goods she would line out.


She would see everything with green eyes?


When the sun runs away she would light up this lamp!


Provide you with this shopping cart.


It might be raining, it might be hot so; says she, take care!


All the spoilers should be scared away!


And she would not forget to nurture herself!

(images courtesy Go Green nursery pvt ltd’s booklet.)