design-ancient scripts

               (In Brahmi script I have tried to write read me)

                                          read me ?

                         Harappan script (ca. 2600-1900 BC)

                          Magical Stela, 360-343 B.C.E, Egypt

I can’t read these!

Can you?

But I think I read these scripts.

I read: —

That our ancestors wrote too beautifully! Do you agree?

That curious caterpillar in me gets so aroused I go green.

(Please donot correct my words I want to describe this way only.)

That mystery of not knowing what is written arouses what I call lovely fear in me.

That my fascination drives me to use these scripts/images in various DIY ways:–

? All the time I use these kinds of images as my desktop background.

                                          my desktop

?Years ago I had copied these scripts in clay and put on wall as a decor piece.

                                     in this shape now

?I want to do walls of narrow passageway in my new home with these scripts translated in clay including the lippankam method of Kutch, Gujarat.

(Lippankam is a dying art & craft I just love so much. Simple motifs are made with clay and small mirrors on the walls. Will do a post on lippankam later though I am terribly short of images.)


                                          Stela, Egypt


                           Indus script (ca. 3000-1200 BC)


                         Brahmi script- ca. 3rd century BC

                                      (click to enlarge) 

8 thoughts on “design-ancient scripts”

  1. To see more images of Indus script, go to Facebook and look up and Indus Script Dictionary.

  2. What an interesting idea, to do the lippankam…I would be interested to see that post.
    Ancient scripts intrigue me…hieroglyphics from Egypt and ancient Phoenician are so beautiful.

  3. this is pretty interesting, roma! this reminds me of our ancient language as well, they call it alibata. this just proves how real smart our ancestors are. how i wish i can read the inscriptions on thos tablets =)

    Hi Nell,

    Welcome here! I like this global village! I came to know through you the ancient language of Philippines-Alibata. Thanks!!

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