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le corbusier meets…

Le Corbusier creations meets a photo artist from Chandigarh

He was trained to be a graphic artist and painter instead he picked up camera. His is conceptual photography. Without delving into technicalities I call him one of the best Indian photo artists.

Diwan Manna freezes us with his black and white creations. He photographs kitchen workers who work endlessly inside hot dark four walls. 

He is from Chandigarh, a city designed by Le Corbusier. So one fine day he went to France to capture Le Corbusier creations. Here is the result:





     le-corbusiers-firminy.jpg       le-corbusier-firminy.gif

Above images are from Le Corbusier Firminy and Le corbusier-Master of light series.



wheel-of-time22.gif wheelot4.jpg wheel-o-t1.gif

wheel-ot3.jpg  wheel-ot4.jpg

                         all images from Wheels of time series


                                        alienation series


                                  dhaba- kitchen workers


                             Rooh Punjab di (soul of Punjab)


                                       Varanasi series


                               Borobudur, Indonesia

Click to enlarge all -150x150s.

You can use his photo creations as greeting cards from his website.

live inside a quarry


A stunning concept of a resort hotel inside a water-filled quarry in China’s Songjiang district near Shanghai. Additional photos and information you can find here. 

Actually I have spent a good amount of time (12 years) in a Colliery. I have been inside a coal mine and to a quarry too. In India there have been many tragic accidents in mines.

So this concept to me is awe inspiringly beautiful.

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