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Trees and concrete


A house with courtyard in interior Maharashtra

Architects: Bijoy jain and Mehul patel @ Studio Mumbai

There are varieties of native trees in the construction site so what to do.

Weave the house around the trees!!!

The trees stand so naturally in architecture practiced by Studio Mumbai that it becomes immaterial that it is inside a house or a research center with eighteen laboratories!

A simple courtyard house constructed with brick and plaster by Studio Mumbai is my favourite. Another thing I appreciate about the architects is that they think process and anonymous workers are important. So they give as much importance to skill of bricklayers, stonemasons and carpenters who have no formal education as to any celebrated architect’s work! 

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Poetry in stone


Stone Garden

Architect: Kazuhide Doi @ Doi Architects

Hiroshima based Japanese architect Kazuhide Doi has created this very beautiful Stone Garden (a residential building) adapting the architecture according to the slope of the area.

Using the mantra of ‘no interference to the nature’ the very talented architect has written the poetry in green grass, stone, steel and concrete so well that I feel like singing!

I think such clever and beautiful adaptive use is akin to sustainability!

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I am back!

Billabong International School, Baroda

(this image & architecture for me is a timeless joy!)

Architects: Dipen Gada & Associates

Yes I am back. And where was I? Can’t answer that as I don’t want to post something very negative right away.

So my story of gone missing without notice in next post! 

And here are some enduring images of clean, geometric, modern architecture from the Vadodara (Gujarat) based firm Dipen Gada & Associates.

Remember my post on exotic interiors done by DGA. 

In architecture too they are moving selectively towards showing great amount of talent.

sand, stone and water


Architects: Matharoo Associates

If you are thinking about amazing geometry and curves of this house so effortlessly mingling with each other then also note that this house accommodates a family swimming pool in just 450 sqm plot. And let me tell you everything has a functional aspect other than just design!

This stunning house is situated in Jodhpur city, in the middle of Thar Desert.

All the creativity and talent @ architects Matharoo associates is at work here.

Composite walls of dressed stone on the outside and brick on inside are used as construction methods. The brick stone composite wall insulates much more than ‘all stone’ traditional walls.

Another great insulator is predominant focus of design – water – in the form of a swimming pool.

To understand what kind of solace a swimming pool gives to people living without water for many generations, we need to actually live in a desert area! The swimming pool is made into a canopy, which shadows the stone boulders and makes the presence of water felt even if sometimes there is none. The living areas are shielded from sun with the pool above. Simple corrugated GI sheet is used as formwork for the swimming pool soffit.

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house triangle


house triangle

Architects: @ mayaPRAXIS

This clever triangle house is designed by a young team @ mayaPRAXIS.

mayaPRAXIS is an architectural and design firm based in Bangalore. The primary motivation towards design for architects @ mayaPRAXIS is the opportunity to marry a wide palette of creative resources and constraints available in India.

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a bead for architecture


medieval village

Artist : Denise Perreault

Create a village with glass beads: a medieval village – is created by Colorado based glass beads artist Denise Perreault. In this creation she has used apart from glass seed beads; Swarovski crystals, crosses, and findings hung from antique train ram rod.

She is always fascinated by refracted light, the prisms; right since her childhood! So when her beaded glass curtains (valance) sieve the sunlight, magic is created.

Find her magical creation here or here.