wake up alarm For who donot drink water

alarm-clock-james-mcadam.gif  alarm-drawingjames-mcadam.gif

This wake up alarm makes you drink water! The earlier you want to wake up more you have to drink.

This ‘wake up alarm’ is a calibrated carafe that measures the amount of water to drink before going to bed.

This is James McAdam‘s quirky way to make all of us healthy!



                                              Intruders beware!

table_frontjames-mcadam.gif bat_shield_basejamesmcadam.gif

This cherry and steel table is for paranoid security seekers.

A ‘safe bedside table’ for the people who admit and for the people who donot  admit that they need some kind of self defence while sleeping.

Here is a club as table leg and top as a shield!

James McAdam is a designer based in UK, (London).


pointing to the future


                                                   I can see! ?


                                                                All knowing! ?

Statements on life, today, tomorrow and yesterday :that’s what I think of this artist-photographer’s work from Saudi Arabia– Manal Al-Dowayan.

(I like her work so much that I think I would do one more post on her.)

just green goods

0 pollution

0 water effluence

0 solid waste and

0 gas emission


Claims Mumbai based Ecolinkindia (Deluxe Recycling-India-pvt ltd).

Out of recyclable tetra packages they make ecoboards and Products.






All products are self recyclable.


So it comes to a full circle. ( 0+0+0+0= o)

the garden of my childhood


The numerous nuances of pink distinguish this garden from any other.

The apple tree, roses, petunias fragrant peas, pink and grey colors fight for space and crave to be picked up.

The theme is ‘The garden of my childhood ‘and Russian landscape designer Sergey Malyuchenko portrays it so beautifully.

Garden in the childhood is bright and as man grows old his garden loses colors. 

                               kindergarten.jpg              kindergarten1.jpg       

Behind the fresh pink’s soft cries of pick me up there is a hidden meaning of grey as neglected garden but pink is the transitional colors on the way to renovation.        

(original text by Olga Vologdina, photos by Evgeny Luchin & Nikolay Fedyanin)

via salon ru


The game is on. Play with me. Make your move.


                Dama arm chair by Peter Trumbull Crellin Via Guild


                    shaker Youth chair (originals are rare)

Be the king and sit on these checkerboard chairs!


          Armchair Yozefa of Khofmanna by wittmann

(This chair belongs to Russian Constructivism furniture era-1920 to 1930)(photo compilation by Yulia Sahkarova via salon ru) (Hope the translation is correct!)

You have been checkmated! ha-ha ha!

siamese art

There are certain movements and thoughts which have a timeless quality about these pieces of art. There is one common thread which appears like a recurring motif, and that is ‘bends in a road, paths crossed, corners turned ‘(Sandra Tarantino) which traps life beautifully.
Hemi Bawa was born in India in 1948. Sandra Tarantino was born in Canada in 1973. Hemi creates kiln-fired cast glass sculptures and sculptures of glass with metal, wood, or acrylic. While in Sandra Tarantino‘s works the physical base of shaped forms are constructed out of wood, which are then covered with pre-gessoed and painted canvas.

Both are continents apart, generations apart, mediums apart but still make a beautiful connection.


                         Hemi Bawa (glass+copper)


                      Sandra Tarantino(shaped canvas)


                                    Hemi Bawa


                                    Sandra Tarantino


         Hemi Bawa                     Sandra Tarantino

I was about to do a post on Hemi Bawa then I saw Sandra Tarantino’s work in an eye for an interior‘s beautiful post ‘expression of art’. I instantly saw a cosmic relation.

Boundaries merge when thought process starts travelling!