traditional Kerala architecture

Architects: Stapati Achitects

Stapati Architects are noted for use of traditional elements in modern context very successfully.

Just a  glimpse of their work :-

This traditional house by the lake entice me so much that I am ready to leave my metro city any time!

the wooden columns and railings in the verandah

Most prominent feature in Kerala’s architecture is its gabled roofs and all wood constructions.

wood & more wood interior (Kumarakom resort)

The skillful choice of timber, accurate joinery, artful assembly and delicate carving of wood work for columns, walls and roofs frames are the unique characteristics of traditional Kerala architecture.

The gorgeous wooden staircase which has decorated pages of practically all the interiors magazines in India!

I already  started feeling cool breeze all over my spirit!

Kumarakom Lake resort

eco-friendly Vyathiri resort


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50 thoughts on “traditional Kerala architecture”

  1. hi its awesome… please send me more traditional homes elavations,
    coz i am planning to build a house , it near river also.


  2. Hi …
    please am planning to build a house traditional kerala style…
    this elavtion is amazing …
    please let me know more details..

  3. Kumbham is working with terracotta murals and other terracotta products.We have been working in this area for the last few years all over India.Can we have a collaboration of any kind in the work?

  4. would like to consult you on a house rebuilding project .. tel no is 9895239234

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  6. I am currently constructing my house. we have wooden pillars and the clay tile roofing. could you suggest me a place/person who can carry out the wooden skeleton for the roof and the supply of wooden pillars. my email is

  7. awesome designs.. i always had a liking for any type of south indian architecture.. but keralian aesthetics are just devine i would call it. so spectacular so refreshing..if i was to build 10 houses all wud b of 10 different keralian architure houses……

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