light and decor

The perfect curve!

Interior designer + consultants: Nainesh jain Designs

A little bit of creativity, clean harmonious lines, no clutter, a little light and sometimes a lot of light do the magic for Nainesh Jain Designs interiors.

And the result is sometimes breath-taking, at times pleasant and in perfect order and sometimes dramatic!

Don’t guess! The live coals on the table have to be lights!

The fairy-tale bedroom!


A touch of eclectic, a dash of organic and still clean lines.


The round bed, colours, dramatic light and baubles tell you the story of a child living here!

Not one child but two! Can you see the upper deck/bunk bed? (very creative)!

Most metro apartments have this narrow + long living rooms.


The magic light comes and lo! the stairs start floating.


In between all the minimalism the wall and the dining table base have to be interesting.


For quiet evening.

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Now come out, roll over the deck from the pond and relax!

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