The Pomegranate Journey


Way to fitness

(the Fitness centre reception at kaya kalp)

It wasn’t the ultra luxurious look which drew my attention to this spa – Kaya Kalp at ITC Mughal at Agra.

The traditional elements of Mughal landscaping and architecture caught my attention.

The heady mix of Ayurveda and Mughal legacies held me mesmerized.

On one side there are different tones of white in entire design; on the other Pomegranate (liet motif) trail runs dramatically across-along the white floor as an inlay red engineered stone.

The architecture of the spa is also inspired by the use of space in Mughal architecture as specifically in ‘Fatehpur Sikri’.

The 99000 square feet spa is only a few months old (launched May 2008) and has already been rated by Tatler‘s as ‘world’s best city spa’.

Relaxation area


the Courtyard

Reception at Kaya Kalp

Ayurveda room

Serenity pool

Kaya kalp – The Royal spa


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