story of an urban jungle

I am posting design ideas in a series called MY NOOK for a corner, for each and every nook of my house and your house.

I have already done one, this is next.


This is ‘urban bear’ inkjet print by architect and artist Marjetica Potrc, I just can’t seem to erase from my mind for even a minute.


This is a cropped part of a beautiful flickr photo.


I imagine I am the girl in red frock.

And this is my nook:


Me and my friend both are silently watching the landscape thinking what would be the world tomorrow!

random rubble


Architects: @ The Centre for Vernacular Architecture


My husband dreams of a mud and brick geometrical home in a far-away village by the pond. I think I am in his dreamland.



These brick , mud, random rubble and laterite stone oppulant spaces are created by The Centre for Vernacular Architecture. The centre is a non-profit organisation and a co-operative of building crafts persons.



The centre creates spaces that are cost effective, ecologically sensible and culturally relevant.



Go on to amazing journey of each space which offers surprises like water-body co-existence, wall mural, spaces created in brick walls for light, blue oxide bathroom, water tap and attangudi cement tiles.

vernarchcom.jpg cieds.gif vernarch-attangudi.jpg

useful everyday designs


ergonomically twisted grip spoon

Designer: Sandip Paul

Talking about functionality Indian designer Sandip Paul has really got me excited. The way he has played with everyday objects, putting function, use and Indianness into designs is what really makes his designs so appealing.


clothline clip made with recycled plastic as a single piece, can be

hanged from both sides

At coroflot see his Useful art-design for everyday objects.

dustin-dustpan1.jpg slope-soap-dish.jpg firki1.jpg

Dustin-dust pan       Slope -soap dish                    Firki

The traditional Indian firni to churn curd and the wind toy firki is merged in his firki. His playfulness extends to this planter ( below) which has a compass and which sits on your palm too!



His latest conceptual designs you can see here.

magical functional


A showcase seems embeded in glass. It has been hung from ceiling with iron rods, behind it is a glass wall.


This is not a seat but a roof seat; may I say . Pine panelling comes all the way down to become a place to sit.


I just love this bedroom. The lacy bedspread, the lined headboard, red wall cabinet,  grey stone inscription on wall, the curtain and the colour fulfills a magical wish. But I never used to like yellow colour, what happened.

All these functional magic has been created by architect Kunal Barve.

cool your home with the help of sun

 solcool millennia-unit-v4_

Solcool consumes 85% less energy than the conventional air conditioner. It is hybrid, it can run on four solar panels, it can run on backup battery too. One unit can cool a large room.

Solcool millenia 4 (dc,2 ton) air conditioner can be installed in the attic, outside, in a utility closet, garage or warehouse. It is a wheeled, portable version.

The unit can also be used to provide heat, and with an optional gadget, can take the moisture that it sucks out of the air and purify it into drinking water.


The units are being manufactured in Israel. It is made by GPM, Aqua Cell technologies Inc, and solcool Israel and marketed by Solcool One , LLC.

Solcool was talking about putting its retail price under $5,000. (cost of solar panels if opted would be extra).

Well I still have to make calculations as to if I can afford it.

a mud wall and coloured bottles

navadarshanam2 betterinteriors 

Can you guess that it is innovative use of empty glass bottles!


This pictures are from eco-township Navadarshanam situated along the border of Thally reserve forest at Tamilnadu and Karnataka borders. Here an alternate way of life and working is translated in ecological living. The homes are built with Sun baked mud blocks for walls, terracotta tiles, red oxide and cement for flooring.
Terracotta and cement jaalis (lattice), recycled wood and bottles are used as design accents.

See more photos of this eco-community here and here.