bridges that you built

When I wrote in my earlier post that staircases fascinate me to no end, it was only half the story. Add bridges to it.

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you go through the post.?



Bridges and staircases fascinate me to no end. And I am on an ever going tour of finding out how to incorporate these two elements in my small home.

Sounds crazy? Isn’t it! It is possible to have elements of staircase in decor at least; but bridges!

While you shake your head and mutter some words related to crazy or disbelief; I want to prove I am not alone in my ‘impossible sounding dream world.’shell2002-mahogani-cast-co.gif




Matthias Pliessnig, Wisconsin, USA based designer is very pierce-mathias-p.giffamous for bending wood to his will! And making sculptural furniture pieces out of this bent wood. Wood

becomes elastic in his hands. Many of us remember him by his creation

‘pierce’  ?

He uses coopering techniques and boat building techniques to span2002ashdanish-cord-c.giflintel2001mathias2.gifachieve compound curves.When you see these ‘bridge’ benches you can imagine that I could not have done anything else but jump up and down.

a-deviatedpath1-2006mathias.gif a-deviatedpath-2006mathias.gif deviated2mathiasp.gif

a deviated path

click to enlarge

9 thoughts on “bridges that you built”

  1. Thank you for the kind reaction to my work… and especially for your approach to them as bridges. The initial intent of the work was evoke the idea of bridge. Don’t hesitate on reacting to more of my work, it’s quite flattering!


    Hi Matthias,
    You are welcome! I am soooo delighted to have you on my blog!
    And I am glad you liked my post.
    Thanks for the comment. – DesignFlute

  2. Hi Blue,
    so glad to meet you, at least some one is as crazy as I am!!!(ha-ha-ha)

    thanks a ton for such great encouragement!

  3. Hey!
    Loved this. I am a fan of bridges too. Any architectural structure actually. The fact that we can construct anything really, still blows my mind six ways to Sunday.
    Totally in love with your new blog look. You have been renovating!

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