preserve moments

kishyu series

Artist: Kazumi Harnett

Where wet clay is inspired by the undulating rural landscape, the curves and rhythms of hills and the textures and patterns of agricultural land.

Where fluidity of the material is manipulated in such a way to leave marks and textures on the surface to preserve moments of making process.

ryumon series

Where young and talented ceramisist Kazumi Harnett uses coarse stoneware clay to make these ?& ? pieces.

My dear friends here.

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table for 4

Designer: Felix De Voss @ Felix de Voss Design

This furniture piece – a dining space for four people gives a defined, individualistic way of using space to users. The elongated shapes of the chairs make up a fence around the piece. When not in use the fence is closed!

The clean harmonious lines of this furniture ( P.G.A.L.W ) are created by Felix de Voss.

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pen holder

oslo – penholder

Designer: Harri Koskinen For Danese Milano

Most of the times simple things are most functional and beautiful.. A simple creation and lot of  thinking (sustainable too) is the beauty of this memo and pencil holder.

Designer Harri Koskinen has taken only two birchwood rings and a sheet to create this.

I would take lots of pencils & things to decorate this!

traditional Kerala architecture

Architects: Stapati Achitects

Stapati Architects are noted for use of traditional elements in modern context very successfully.

Just a  glimpse of their work :-

This traditional house by the lake entice me so much that I am ready to leave my metro city any time!

the wooden columns and railings in the verandah

Most prominent feature in Kerala’s architecture is its gabled roofs and all wood constructions.

wood & more wood interior (Kumarakom resort)

The skillful choice of timber, accurate joinery, artful assembly and delicate carving of wood work for columns, walls and roofs frames are the unique characteristics of traditional Kerala architecture.

The gorgeous wooden staircase which has decorated pages of practically all the interiors magazines in India!

I already  started feeling cool breeze all over my spirit!

Kumarakom Lake resort

eco-friendly Vyathiri resort


fb like

k-note it

 sculpture – notice board (material soft foam)

Designer: Mikael Nilsson @ Innersmile

Just note that a simple everyday thing like notice board can be simply so arty!

Sculpt it- knot it to take a notice board to a totally new level. You can buy several pieces in different colours or in three parts and tie them together to make your own creation! Material used is soft foam.

Designer Mikael Nilsson has made few very innovative products with soft foam; even shelves! (See here)

kringle-kari – notice board (material -soft foam)

Kringel-Kari is another innovative notice board. An enjoyable way to remember a variety of things on a hectic day. Well I certainly would like to pull it like plaits every time I put a note on it!