Toothbrush – Baby and Bamboo

If you want to start first thing in the morning with small eco steps …

Tokyo based Japanese company Fine has come up with two simple yet incredibly functional and green toothbrushes: Baby toothbrush – Posy ring-shaped toothbrush and Bamboo toothbrush – FINE eco 41.

posy baby toothbrush, Fine company ltd

Posy toothbrush

Designers: @ FINE

(Have you already started suffering from “why I didn’t think this before” syndrome like me!)


This ring – round shape of baby toothbrush has amazing functionality:

Toddlers are already familiar with this shape.

Children get used to brushing their own teeth (and that too happily!)

Has a safe design with a short neck and a ring-shaped grip.

Round shape prevents the head from reaching child’s throat.

The handle is too big to go into the mouth of a child, up to three years of age.

But is designed so that the back teeth can still be brushed.

Ring-shape of the toothbrush has an external diameter of 6.4 centimeters and the neck region is only 2.6 centimeters long.


Materials used are Polypropylene handle and Nylon bristle

Suitable for children aged 1 to 3 years.


Designers: @ Fine Company Ltd

You may even be using a bamboo toothbrush holder but have you heard of a bamboo toothbrush?

Fine Company Ltd. has showcased this bamboo tooth brush at Eco-Products 2008 Exhibition in Tokyo.

Made of bamboo and plant origin resin this toothbrush has increased durability, heat resistance but decomposes with zero carbon footprints.

The natural resin is made from bamboo fibers developed in Shizouka Prefecture.

In 2000 Fine Company Ltd has also introduced Epoch: 21 – an environment friendly toothbrush made of lactic acid-based biodegradable resin.

(images and info courtesy : Fine )

Simple, soft chic


J A Design Studio designs1 on designflute

Designer artist: Janet Fernandez

I warn you! Don’t be fooled by smooth print like quality of these fabrics!

J A Design Studio designs6 on designflute

And  why do you think these textiles speak some sort of language which sounds fabulous!

What else you expect of hand painted textiles!!

Love the soft, fresh colours too!

J A Design Studio designs2 on designflute

J.A. Design Studiospecializes in hand-painted tablecloths and textiles. Their work includes napkins, place-mats, cushions, curtain panels, wall coverings, and throws.

J A Design Studio designs3 on designflute

The Swedish designer now based in Miami, Janet Fernandez, is the artist behind J.A. Design Studio.

J A Design Studio designs4 on designflute

Much of the inspiration for her work comes from her Swedish heritage and Italian background. As an interior designer, Janet likes to mix modern with classic and to incorporate clean lines with antique detailing.

J A Design Studio designs5 on designflute

Her design elements have damask, medallions from Italian baroque ornamentationand florals. J A Design Studio is mainly into one off kind – custom made textiles but their textiles are also sold by the yard.

 J A Design Studio designs7 on designflute


The Mural City – Udaipur

udaipur, mural, christopher bettig

Udaipur, India

A book by Christopher Bettig on murals of Udaipur

Udaipur, India” is a 50 page full color book ($30) of photographs from India. Photographed during October, 2008; the book documents the beauty and decay of murals painted throughout the amazing city of Udaipur.

Christopher Bettig is a French artist based in Los Angeles. Check out his other works at his design studio The Mountain Label.


See more mural images taken by Christopher here.

christopher bettig, udaipur,murals-book

above 3 images: source: The Mountain Label


In the text books or travel notes one finds Udaipur described as lake city.

It is!  Some say it is city of palaces. It is! But it is also the city of  murals/ street painting/wall painting!!

For us Indians our rich cultural heritage is just everyday life! Nah?!

 bengal*foam, flickr

source: bengal*foam

Dey, udaipur, murals, street painting

source: Dey

pixeloflight, udaipur, murals

source: Pixeloflight

dey, murals, udaipur

source: Dey

Go for more images here:  (1)      (2)      (3)      (4)       (5)       (6)  or   (7)





Spoons – ‘ Reincarnated’

Artist: Anne Schwegmann-Fielding

Exhibited at the European Commission Representation in the UK  (Part of residency at Arts Reverie, Gujarat, India)

Materials: Indian bangles and mirror


Take discarded materials and everyday objects and give these to Anne Schwegmann-Fielding.

Lo and behold! You have ‘Reincarnated’ artwork!

Discarded materials such as crockery, jewellery and shattered glass, buttons and everyday objects like utensils, tools, logs, hard hats, and mannequins get transformed by artist Anne Schwegmann-Fielding into sculptures, mosaics, jewels and ornaments.

Anne Schwegmann-Fielding has been creating artworks for public spaces and private clients for the last 15 years.

The core of her work lies in reuse and recycle with a sense of history and ancient craft of mosaic and thus “the ordinary is made extraordinary.”

At the moment I wish to be in London as I want to see Anne’s work at the exhibition organized by The European Commission Representation in the UK


A series of objects transformed by Anne Schwegmann-Fielding

(Time and Date: 10am-6pm, 9 to 19 December 2008 – Monday-Friday,

Venue: European Commission, 8 Storey’s Gate, London SW1) 


If I could afford to buy her artwork I would go straight for these stunningly beautiful spoons as my all time favourite Christmas gifts. 🙂

Continue reading for more of Anne’s work …..


Continue reading Reincarnated

Stay United

It seems recent Mumbai terror attacks have changed people of Mumbai. Their anger is taking form of lots of small and positive action groups.

Today streets of Mumbai have seen unprecedented united voices of people.

I have a feeling that this is going to grow to unprecedented heights.

I am feeling pleased as it is very positive!

Show your support to these randomly selected two groups: go check what they have to say:

Stay United



Heart Hands

Designer: Process

The Designer Process who have created this Heart Hands in wood is a young , talented graphic artist based in New York. Go check his creations here.

(Thanks: Ajay Pathak and Meera)

Right on T


In wake of recent Mumbai terror attacks; I am still walking around angry – very angry and have guessed will remain so for a long time.

The positive outcome of being angry so far is that I am back to my regular blogging without complaining that I am otherwise very busy!

To calm down I am trying many different things. Tried music and now I am trying to laugh when I found this t-shirt.

You know I really want to wear this t-shirt and go hug politicians (likes of achuthanandans, patils, naqvis, modis, all yes all) of my country!!!


 Anti-kidnapping t-shirt

 Designer: Ricardo Garza Marcos

Designer Ricardo Garza Marcos dabbles in furniture design, lighting design and architecture and is based in Mexico. Check his designs here and here.