mud art of Kutch

Lippan kam or mud-mirror work

Lippan (roughly translated-mud washing in Gujarati language and the spelling should be lipan)

kam (is work in Hindi and Gujarati)

Lippan kam is a decorative art done by common people mainly women.

Lippan kam is done inside bhungas/mud huts in villages of Kutch, Gujarat.

Lippan kam is generally done inside the house but sometimes you can find it on outer walls too.

Generally harijan and Rabari women make birds, trees, animals, peacock, human figures etc in lippan kam.

It is done with a mixture of clay and camel dung. Now gum is used to stick mirrors.

Originality of lippan kam lies in  adding no colour or only whites.(You may get few pieces of very colourful mud-mirror work in export houses online; exotic pieces but I won’t call it lippan kam!)

Small round, diamond-shaped or tringle  mirror pieces are essential to lippan kam. Many a times mirror pieces are a little embroidered.

It is simple technique, anyone can do it.





Can you see slightly raised mud lines-spread with hands.




You just need to use the thumb with two fingers! ?


See the embroidered mirror here ?







I just love-love lippan kam.

All of you  who go to Kutch, don’t forget to take photos of lippan kam (and don’t forget to send me all images!!).

(Not all photos are of good quality but I had to put all)

(images courtesy Llnosom on flickr, panjo kutch, hodka villages, travelblog, baps care, indi studio, my cuttings)

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  1. hi, Bhavesh Ahir
    i m living in ahmedabad and i want to learn lipan kaam in ahmedabad or in kutch, pls let me know. my mob. 9824016064

  2. Hallo everyone,
    If you wont Anyown from kutch
    Please tell me….
    I have all details froam kutch
    Lippan, kutchi bharat work,
    Kutchi worked dreses
    Please contact me…

  3. hello all,

    very nice immagination workmanship to express gamthiart.

    I also do this creative work using clay, pappermessie, plyshhet and some other crreative pieces.visit my mo. n0. 9978997104

  4. Dear all,

    I donot have Vrushali’s no otherwise I would share.
    I think I will have answer to all your questions and demands after a month or so.
    So comeback then.
    Meanwhile happy hunting!

  5. Pl share vrushali phone no i want to doing mud work in my pooja room pl do the needful as soon as possible…..

  6. Hi

    could you pls let me know Vrushali Thacker s no. Would like to learn Lippan kaam…hope she still teaches!!!


  7. Hi,
    please share Vrushali Thacker’s number so I can get in touch with her for my home decor. Please do the needful as soon as possible

    Thank you

  8. Hi we are visiting Kutch. Can you please tell any specific place or village to visit where we an find this lippan kam can be witnessed and can be learnt…

  9. I want to learn this painting. Please let me know a place in Delhi where I can learn the same.

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