diamonds seat and papi stool


Designer Singh Intrachooto @ OSISU            papi stool

Bangkok based Thai architect, author and designer Singh Intrachooto produces functional furniture art pieces that integrate local crafts and skilled carpentry with pure passion under the brand Osisu. Each piece is hand crafted from materials left to waste at construction sites or discarded from manufacturing processes.

PAPI-Stool has paper torso, which has been carefully stitched by hands into organic patterns-to celebrate and not to camouflage the salvaged material. It is slightly undersize with the seating dimensions of an A4 sheet. Supported entirely by layers of embroidered papers salvaged from offices.It comes fron Etcetera collection.

Etcetera is a collection where recycled and salvaged materials have been transformed by the hands of tailors, carpenters and artisans to achieve a modern appearance.


tilee diamonds

Solid and straightforward woodwork, hand-pieced from teak morsels. Two cubes are simply merged for wider seating.  Its top surface displays an array of wood grains, making Tilee-Diamonds subtly animated and fresh.

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CO2 and lotus


Artsit Ng. B. Singha

A young artist based in Mumbai B. Singha’s these water colours on paper remain untitled and aptly so.

How do you describe global warming?

Or for that matter a peek into future where you would meet polluted world as well as aliens?

Who are looking like aliens-we or them?

But then hope, lotus and leaves are eternal!

Analyze your way, ask your questions and find your answers in these simple watercolours where fresh colours also tug at your heart.

Exhibited in February these year at Chatterjee & Lal art gallery the series was named ‘Breathe’.





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open sim sim



(animated gif)

Elke Florián + Sascha Akkermann @ Confused Direction


Poissommobile? Roll it up – it is a simple mat. Unfold it – it becomes an ergonomically sturdy piece of furniture. While unfolding two wooden layers in mat arise and a few handles develop in curves so that you can lie comfortably on it.(size:120 x 20 cm)

These are very magical functional pieces from Confused Direction– a not confused at all team of German designers Elke Florian and Sascha Akkermann.



(animated gif)

The odú chair moves the way you move. It is made of glass fibre reinforced plastic and have cosy cushion inside. You can also put together three seats of  odú to create a ball!

Odú is a Hungarian word for cave.

{open sesame + khul ja sim sim (in Hindi) = open sim sim}

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miniature benches on wall


This set of miniature benches image is with me before I started blogging. I just love these cute benches. This is a small little DIY project for me. I was going to put these type of bench-shelves in children’s room. But I have got greedy and planning to put these little cuties in my kithen. My small jars and bottles of spices can sit very comfortably on them!

Anybody who knows the source of these set of miniature benches PLEASE let me know.

EDIT: The enthusiasm of Jennifer Notar (reader) has  made me intensely search for the source of this set of five miniature benches and hurrah! here is the source Ballard Designs!

arched Indian sunlight!


                                 SJK architects, Mumbai


They think out of box, they think contemporary and they think in Indian context. SJK architects believe in optimizing sun and wind.


a bungalow on a very small space in Mumbai

sjk161.gif sjk5.gif

They don’t advertise it, they haven’t mentioned it but I can’t resist telling you that it is an all women architects’ team!




Shimul Javeri Kadri with her team of talented architects has experimented in novel ways. They have designed a residential building in Chennai where plumbing spaces look like bamboo like jalis (grill).  A house in hilly areas of Alibaug is designed as leaves inspired from the leaves strewn around, the curves here follow rain function.

sjk1622.gif sjk121.gif


a house in Alibaug inspired by leaves strewn around


box niches with out of box ideas



arched Indian sunlight!


The ethnic interiors, the glass box modern with many Indian features and colours all speak of functional spaces and adopting the negative environment to its positive fullest.



This house in Bengaluru was built on one acre plot, a dirty nala(sewer line), airplanes (airport vicinity) and dreams!

does this make me a vandal


                                   Does this make me a vandal

                               asks artist Apnavi Thaker herself.

A non-conformist who does not have any formal education in art made her decision to be a painter at the age of six. This Mumbai born artist was in Geneva as a teenager when she got involved in street art; provoking the secure system. Back in Mumbai at the age of 20 she trained under artist Krishnamachari Bose and Artist Jehangir Jani guided her.

No standard way of life for her, she is famous for going bald too. Her artwork is funky, provocative, questioning, a little crude and has certain kind of violence which depicts liberating experiences.

See more of her work here and here.