Painted Prayers of India


At this moment I am exactly doing rangoli.

Rangoli is called painted prayers of India.




I am doing rangoli since I was a kid. When I was a kid we had a raised platform in the courtyard especially made for rangoli. We used to buy permanent paints (samples used to come in small amounts) and used to take 2-3 days to make rangolis all over house at different places. We never used to get tired. I still do it but now with flowers or powder colours.



All over India rangoli is done at different festivals or even on everyday basis and has different names such as Alpana in West Bengal, Kolam in south etc.






from Bangladesh


please click to enlarge to see stepwise alpana

Here are some sites with beautiful patterne , info & how-tos…

Animation of a rangoli design.

Some beautiful rangoli designs.

Tips and rangoli designs.

more rangoli patterns.


Tomorrow is diwali and I wish I had more time to do this post on my favourite art & craft but…  (maybe…no Iwill definitely do a region wise post again on this topic),   (& if my fellow bloggers have done a post on same topic  I would add their links later.)

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don't worry


Don’t worry – he tells me!

This is a modern day Vishnu for me. A calming, don’t panic image-support for me. When I want to do many things, thinking  have to do all the things and  have no time, absolutely no time and energy left then this evergreen image saves me. Like God Vishnu you can sleep on a deadly serpent and be in utter bliss.

(can’t remember where did I get this image from, perhaps a card or back cover of a book!)

wrapped geometrical luxury


                                dumroo seat-table

Designer Gunjan Gupta 

Dumroo can be a seat or a table. Materials: 35 gauge pure silver, 24 carat gold leaf, oak veneered plywood. Dumroo is a musical instrument used by monkey dancers in streets of India.

She has redefined notion of luxury, borrowing from rich Indian cultural heritage and interpreting it in new stark ways. The Indian craft of silver wrapping is an ancient throne decoration technique.

gg22.gif gg222.gif

Ancient thrones wrapped in precious metal and embellished in jewels.  

Delhi based Indian interior designer Gunjan Gupta of Studio Wrap has taken the wrapping technique out of its ornate design sphere and created absolute geometric designs which look austere and audacious both. Her forms speak of luxury, craft and designs in one voice.



dining throne

material:35 gauge pure silver, 24 carat gold leaf and Indian hardwood.



eastern recline

The eastern recline – Indian hardwood panels are wrapped around silver panels and has detachable gold back.


artisan as designer at work



She has exhibited at 100% Design in London and has a current project from Swarowski among other things.

modern bed designs


designer Adele Rotella                                defrag

These super cool modern age bed designs are from Italian designer Adele Rotella.

Defrag – is moulded steel construction with cushion lined head board.



 For this moulded steel construction she drew inspiration from ‘flying carpet’. Head board has fabric too.



 This bed is designed to read in bed.



Designer Vishal Thakur         i SEAT

public seating cum info display system

When I discover talented young Indian designers I feel excited like a child. When I saw this Indore based designer Vishal Thakur’s work I instantly fell for it. For his designs are ‘form follows function’ based and that is something you know I always go for.

I believe that functional and simple designs are much more difficult to make.

Today I want to talk about just one of his designs i- SEAT (prototype).

i-SEAT is a very smart public seating system cum advertising and info display. It is a solution for utilizing spaces for seating without obstructing movement. In designer’s words seating system at public places like transportation hubs and malls often fail to meet the seating space demand at peak times. Large seating spaces require large areas and restrict movement. So the smart i-SEAT.


How it works…

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designs to win


             designer – Neil Foley Designs

I don’t know where to start from for this incredibly talented young Indian designer, Bangaluru based Neil Foley. He has won red dot award, he has won Elle décor awards, he has won opu…, he has won..- well, well let me just sum up like this – each of his designs are of award winning quality and he has won about 30 + awards in last nine years.


twig-fruit holder

As the name suggests, the design is a stylized version of a twig or a branch. Taking a fruit from the fruit holder is like plucking a fruit from the trees. (Material used: stainless steel, cast aluminium)


drops – paperweight

(material – acrylic)


flower-vase-ripplenf1.gif flower-vase-ripple.gif

ripple – vase

(materials used acrylic and aluminium)

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